Growing Notes

Tall Bearded Irises prefer a well drained site with sun for at least half the day. 

Dig the ground well before planting incorporating compost, lime and fertiliser if required. Plant roughly 30cm apart depending on the size of the variety.

Bare-rooted irises should be planted as soon as possible. Do not wet until planted. Trim roots to 8 cm and plant with the top of the rhizome level or just below the soil surface keeping the fan upright. Firm roots in well. You may need to use a ground staple or bent wire to keep the rhizome in the ground until new roots form. Water after planting and keep moist for about two weeks.

Top dress early in Spring with a low in Nitrogen or general garden fertiliser.

During Spring and Summer use the same spray program as for roses to control leaf spot and aphids. Keep rhizomes clear of dead leaves and weeds. (Only remove dead leaves when they are lying on the ground. Removing earlier may increase the chance of soft rot.) They should not be mulched.

Divide clumps when they get crowded (approx. every 3-4 years) keeping only the young vigorous growth.