Flower Patterns

Amoena: white standards and coloured falls, eg Wabash

Bicolor: standards and falls contrasting colours, eg Outrageous Fortune or Throstle Song

Bitone: standards and falls in different shades of the same colour but falls darker, eg Tom Johnson or Sable Night

Blend: combination of two or more colors, can be smoothly or unevenly mixed, eg Wild Frontier or Twilight Blue

Broken Color: splotches, blotches and streaks in random patterns, eg.Sweet Musette

Debby Rairdon: colored standards, white falls with a band of standard color around the edges. Often yellow, but can be peach, pink. eg First Interstate

Emma Cook: darker ring of colour around the falls, eg Rebecca Perret or Planned Treasure

Glaciata: no purple pigment and iris seems to glow

Luminata: white or yellow hafts, remainder washed with white veins

Neglecta: bitone in blue or purple, eg Slovak Prince or Revolution

Plicata: stipled, dotted or stitched falls and/or margins over lighter grand colour, eg Paprika Fonos

Reverse Bitone: Standards and falls are different shade of the same color, standards are darker, eg Ribands or Luxury Lace

Self: standard and falls same colour, eg Beverly Sills

Variegata: yellow standards and darker falls of brown, red or purple, eg Supreme Sultan

Zonal: white or lightened area around beard, eg Scene Stealer